Merger Unlock Value of Business

Merger Unlock Value of Business

Unlock Value of Business – Mergers & Acquisitions

In India many small businesses merge with or acquire other small businesses. They find that the best way to grow and compete against larger firms is to merge with or acquire other small businesses. Mergers and acquisitions are intended to release the value locked up in the small business for the benefit of its owners and investors.

There are many reasons for a small business owner to pursue a stake sale or merger.

They may be :
involve financial planning
a need to diversify investments
an inability to manage growth independently or
a simple need for effective change.

Merger is an important step of investment strategy
Normally, the decision to merge with or acquire another firm is an important step of investment. Income tax Compliance This decision will depend on business strategies, the accounting, tax, and legal aspects of a merger can be complex. In mergers, Management control is often an important issue. Mergers could lead to substantial change in the value of the business affecting the relative value of the stocks and bonds.

Why Buy existing business? or merger? It will reduce the risk, because that has already demonstrated an ability to successfully operate at a profit. At KBS Consultants, we specialise in business deals. Buyers and sellers of business in India avail our services. We perform due diligence, price & terms negotiation, documentation and smooth conclusion and transfer. Contact us with your interest and details to buy existing business or to effect a merger to unlock the value of business.

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