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We are a professional consultancy company.

About Us: Askyaar.in are a part of, 1993 Established professional consultancy firm, KBS Consultants. We provide suite of services to Askyaar KBS consultantssmall business owners. Promoted by professionals having decades of Business Consulting experience. Each one of them is a specialist in his / her respective field. We help convert challenges into opportunities

“Whether you are big, small or medium, whether your business is high tech or low tech we can support you with the skills of expert advisor. Come up with innovative and high-quality solutions that will work in any situation anywhere.”

Supporting Businesses worldwide for over 20 years

Our business and delivery models work because it is based on strong business practices,flexible to cater to dynamic business environments,supported by technology and driven by innovation. Our complete, end-to-end business consultancy solutions can help transform businesses and establish growth.


We are guided about us askyaar ideas by our Senior Consultant, CA S. Sankaran. He has more than 30 years of business consulting experience. He is ably supported by staff members. Our experts Panel of consultants include Professionals. Company Secretary, Cost Accountant, Software Professionals and a Lawyer to provide “all under one roof” services. Our Services include
Legal Matters
M & A ( mergers & acquisition )
Business Consulting Services
Human Resources
Commercial Properties
Advisory Services

India Growth Story

Bullish Headlines Screaming "India Growth Story"
askyaar india growth story

Huge opportunities in India Growth Story

Invest in India Businesses & properties

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Successful companies proactively re-invent themselves. And successful businessmen look for opportunities. India presents an opportunity to companies, businessmen and investors.

The real statistics of India Growth Story

Foreign investment inflows are expected to increase by 200% and cross the US$ 60 billion mark in FY15. Foreign investors start gaining confidence in India’s new government. "Riding on huge expectations from india growth story askyaarthe incoming Modi government, global investors are gung ho on the Indian economy. Foreign investment inflows – both FDI and FIIs – are growing.

India has emerged as the number one investment destination for Japanese companies. Some Japanese companies are planning investments of about Rs 75,000 crore (Rs 750 billion). Source- survey by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

"Make in India policy" will add fuel to India India Growth Story

In the coming years, the role of IT and network centric warfare is going to be a gamechanger.
The Indian defence industry will catch up with the international industry. The production of hardware will take a quantum leap. The incentives to electronics manufacturing will boost manufacturing activities. It will complement the existing expertise in services and software.

Ease of Doing Business in India & India Growth Story

Askyaar.in is confident of Ease of Doing Business in India. Screaming headlines of India Growth Story appear everyday. Amazon's CEO Believes in India Growth Story. IMF has turned bullish on India growth story.

Our Services

Complete Suite of Our Services

Innovative and high-quality solutions


Our Services offer one stop solutions to business needs. As trusted advisor we go that extra mile to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions


IndiaBusiness Buying Small business in India for High Growth & Returns

KBS Consultants provide support and services to MNCs & SMEs.Our clients include international organizations. We help them for market entry & business development in India.

IndiaBusiness Services

  • We offer low budget
  • cost effective solutions
  • help establish a local Indian presence
  • helping start ups to set up a Indiabusiness
  • helping business acquisitions
  • mergers and amalgamations
  • develop new Indiabusiness opportunities

Why buy IndiaBusiness?

We have tailor made services to efficiently assist you to administer the IndiaBusiness with five major areas of business management. Financial Planning, Taxation, Accounting, Payroll , HR & Recruitment. Advice on setting up a local company, ownership structure of the IndiaBusiness, efficient tax structuring, legal and financial compliance
Buying a Small business in India would be beneficial for any investor. Indian market today is attracting Business investors. Indians are reshaping the world’s new global economy. Many Multi National Companies (MNCs) are already in India. Automobile giants have moved their manufacturing facilities. Multi Brand retails are looking at India. There is attraction for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Entrepreneurs are just realising the potential growth story of India.

  • The reasons are:
  • Promise of High Returns
  • High Demand Potential
  • Ability for consumer spending
  • Youth Population


Properties for Sale Buy Commercial Property Real Estate invest in India

Buy or Sell Real Estate Properties in India
residential properties
Residence House
Indian real estate story continues to be tremendously attractive. The good news is that Tier II cities have started growing. Infrastructure sector to drive growth. IT and industrial sectors investing in Tier II. Indian real estate boom will take the economy with it. The momentum remains positive. Every reason to Invest in Real Estate in India
Properties Residential Buildings Flats Apartments
properties Apartments
Flats Apartments
Property prices always appreciate in Longterm. Real estate is considered as safe investments. Real Estate investment in India will be highly profitable. India has emerged as an across the board low cost base. It is attractive for NRIs and multinationals. Non-Resident Indians will relocate in the country. More than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies have a presence in India. Whereas only 33 in China. This shows the true worth of India.
Commercial properties Commercial real estate
Properties Commercial
Commercial Property
Government to boost the infrastructural activities in India with the PPP model. This cumulative growth strategy involving contributions from public and private sector are expected to revamp the country’s real estate environment. If you are searching for the ideal investment opportunity or guidance on the sale, purchase or lease of commercial property or residential Flat you have come to the right place. We can assist you in Buying &Residential Bungalow Selling of Commercial, Residential & Exclusive Offices, Residences, Sites, Factories, Godowns, Beach Houses, Residential Bungalows, Flats, Residential Apartments, Gated Community houses and Showrooms.

Buy Commercial Properties Sell Lands Houses Building Invest in Real Estate Profit from revival of Economy India Growth Story attracting investments


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