Services Buyers and Sellers

Services to identify potential business buyers or sellers, as the case may be.

Services Professional Touch

Business and property Buyers and Sellers? Engage our professional services. Strike the best deals.

Services for Sellers

Sell your business in India
Realise your Dreams
Search buyers for your business. We help you get the best deals possible.


Buy a Business in India
Search businesses for sale in India in over 20 Locations.
Get help in Screening, Price and terms negotiation, documentation
Like we said, its a done deal!


  • Finding a buyer or seller as the case may be
  • Representing the client
  • Negotiating Terms & conditions
  • Scrutiny of title documents & inspection
  • Drafting documents to be executed
  • Tax & Statutory compliance

Professional tax services


  • Advertise
  • Screening prospective buyers
  • Price and terms negotiation
  • Tax Implications, Planning & Advice
  • Legal documentation
  • Executing the documents
  • Registration & Compliance

Search Business for Sale


  • Screening prospective Sellers
  • Inspection of the Business or Property
  • Scrutiny of Documents and verification of ownership of the seller
  • Price and terms negotiation
  • Preparing Legal documentation

Consultants Chennai

India new destination for Investors

India has become new destination for Investors from many countries of the world. Money is flowing into India for business acquisitions, mergers, amalgamations and M & A activities. Small and Medium businesses are the targets for buying or acquiring a stake in shareholding.

Buy a Business in India Realise your Dreams in the Growth Story

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